Career Path

In her own words:

I joined Oldcastle with a focus on administration but quickly found interest and opportunity in this business beyond my expectations. At Oldcastle, my natural curiosity is met with opportunities for training and development, inviting me to participate in Oldcastle’s Advanced Management Program and other powerful internal and external training sessions. Coupled with on-the-job experience, I have learned about business and our industry on a local and national level, employing concepts where entrepreneurial ingenuity is blended with corporate resources and accountability. At Oldcastle, independent thinking and group collaboration are welcomed, and the company works hard to make sure employees have every resource needed to succeed.

Though growth and continuous improvement are the standards at Oldcastle Precast, one thing has never changed: Oldcastle demands performance with personal and corporate integrity throughout the organization. I appreciate that working at Oldcastle means I can act with transparency, knowing that doing the right thing is the rule.

Throughout my career at Oldcastle Precast, I have enjoyed a diversity of projects where I am regularly challenged and can make a meaningful contribution. I feel very involved in Oldcastle’s journey, and we are mutually invested in my personal development and the company’s continued success. When it comes to the people and business of Oldcastle Precast, I am eager to see what is around the next bend.



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