Career Path

In his own words:

Where would I be today without Oldcastle? I began my career with Conrad Yelvington Distributors, Inc., (CYDI) in 1995 working in sales. My job back then was to cover the Miami and Florida Keys area and help build our customer base. Just over a year later, I was asked to assume the role of Miami Terminal Manager, a position I’ve held since that time. I never dreamed that my first role in sales would contribute to my success as Terminal Manager, but I still interact with some of those same customers after all these years!

Through the years I have received on-the-job training in management skills, equipment maintenance, team building, and problem solving, as well as other business fundamentals. I appreciate working in a company where dedication and hard work are appreciated, and my goal is to keep growing and improving both professionally and personally. I know that working at Oldcastle, I’ll be given the opportunity to develop the necessary skills I need to achieve my goals and become an effective and efficient team member and role model to the entire team.

In my 18 years with the company, I have always been surrounded by amazing coworkers and leaders who sincerely care about me and each person within the company. After all these years,
I realize that the most precious resource that a company has is its employees, and I am happy to
say that Oldcastle truly values its employees and will provide every opportunity it can to help every
one succeed.



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